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Who are we and what do we do?

Over the years, AB-Matic has become a renowned company in the access automation sector. Thanks to its years of experience and knowledge, AB-Matic has built up an established reputation as a reliable B2B partner for the leading manufacturers of access technology.

Moreover, AB-Matic also excels internationally with reference projects in most neighbouring countries, even high up in the clouds (cf. Shard, London). AB-Matic proves its craftsmanship and passion for specific tailor-made solutions through these projects.

Why AB-Matic?

Thanks to the flexibility, AB-Matic has established itself as a prominent partner for access automation systems of all kinds.

Besides the development, service and distribution of access technologies, AB-Matic also has its own blasting, metallising and powder coating department. This enables AB-Matic to offer personalised solutions for your house, company or project, within a very competitive time frame and at a very favourable rate.

Projects that require specific attention are elaborated from A to Z within AB-Matic: from the discussion and 3D drawing, over the design and production follow-up, to the execution.

Moreover, working with AB-Matic always guarantees the use of the very highest control and quality requirements within the sector.

You can count on


Years of experience

Our employees have years of experience; the knowledge we have gained over the years makes us a reliable partner.


Leading brands

Manufacturers such as Benincà®, Hi-Motion®, Bticino® and Locinox® selected AB-Matic as a competent distributor for their solutions.


Custom solutions

We have often proven our craftsmanship and passion with large projects abroad; we also provide specific customised solutions for your project.



Due to our passion for access techniques, we are very flexible and offer tailor-made solutions for your projects.


Fast solutions

Because much of the development and completion of our products is done in-house, we can provide very quick solutions.


High quality

We guarantee the use of the very highest control and quality standards within the industry.


Reduced turnaround time

We offer you specific tailor-made solutions within a highly competitive timeframe.


Favourable rate

At a favourable rate, you can expect personalised tailor-made solutions from us.


From A to Z

Specific projects are worked out from A to Z within AB-Matic: from discussion and 3D drawing to implementation.

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