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Automation for garage doors

JIM series
Suitable for sectional and up-and-over doors

The JIM series include ceiling-mounted motors and are available in different classes. All operators are equipped with a noiseless and reinforced toothed belt. Rail systems can be obtained in 1 piece or 2 parts. The length is determined by the door height.

The operator is digital. LED lighting and a handheld transmitter are included. This type of operator is self-learning and easy to adjust. Of course, the JIM series also comply with all requirements and uniformity, they also have the KOMO certificate and an anti-intrusion label.

ZED Series
Suitable for inward-swinging up-and-over doors

For narrower gates that turn inside the façade, there are the ZED motors. These operators are always equipped with digital control, operating buttons and LED lighting.

VN Series
Suitable for industrial sectional doors (shaft motors)

Drives come in different categories and are always set up with separate controls. Motors are available with quick-release and/or with a chain for release of the gate during power failure. The motor is mounted laterally on the shaft, which is ideal for larger gates and gates of an intensive character.

Automation for turnstiles

We offer both above-ground and underground drives.

Our range of above-ground electromechanical drives includes spindle motors (or electromechanical linear drives), articulated arm motors for wide pilasters and above-ground hydraulic drives.

We also offer underground electromechanical and hydraulic drives. The great advantage of underground drives is, of course, their aesthetic character and discreet arrangement. This makes it the ideal choice for private and/or residential applications. However, the installation cost is higher than for above-ground motors, and underground bins require drainage.

Automation for sliding gates

Sliding gate drives up to 2 tonnes

The 'BULL' series consist of a sturdy reduction gearbox with a (usually) integrated control unit and are equipped with magnetic or mechanical end runs according to requirements. Various parameters, such as delays, force settings and operating times can be easily set.

Sliding gate drives from 2 tonnes to 4 tonnes

There is a specific range for heavier and highly professional work.

Also enjoy the additional benefits: metal housing, frequency-controlled or not, soft start/stop... with digital display.

Accessories: controls and accessories

Besides the drives themselves, AB-Matic can offer you a whole range of accessories. These range from digital controls to various safety options and smart integrated safety devices.

Control units for turnstile motors

All our turnstile motors are digitally controlled and are compatible with all brands of domotics and/or home automation. Various parameters such as delays, force settings and operating times can be easily set.

Hand transmitters, code keypads, fingerprints, etc.

Our range of handheld transmitters is always equipped with Advanced Rolling Code technology, which protects you to the highest degree against copy pirates. You can also opt for the traditional code keypads. We offer many variants, including wireless systems. You can also opt for control systems with Fingerprints security equipped with IP technology.

Electric and magnetic locks

We offer electric and electromagnetic locks. Each type is automatically controlled by the digital control system.

Safeguards according to CE

All our drives are manufactured according to the required quality standards.

SMART solutions

AB-Matic moves with the times. And in this age of smartphones, it is of course unthinkable that there are no solutions for operating your automatic fence via your mobile.

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Gate and fencing parts

All parts for automated gates.

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